The minute Donna walked into the Boston medical office she manages, she knew something was wrong. There was a line six patients deep in front of the check-out desk; even more patients were waiting to check in. When Donna asked her staff what was going on, she got the answer she was dreading: the practice’s network was down again.

“People don’t like to think about it, but there’s a lot of hackers that try to target medical practices,” she explained. “They’re after our data. Luckily, they haven’t gotten anything so far, but they cause a lot of problems. Sometimes we can’t log onto the network, or sometimes we can access some functions but not others. Sometimes everything just gets slowed down to the point where we’d be better off trying to manage everything the old-fashioned way, with paper files.”

Your business network needs to be robust and reliable. Security threats and system issues can occur at any time, without warning. Most small businesses don’t have the resources to keep a dedicated IT professional on staff. That’s why we developed the Pro-Covered Priority One support service.

For one low monthly fee, all of your network support issues are addressed by our skilled professional team. Remote service means we fix issues without ever having to visit your premises; for more significant issues, on-site support is provided.  We keep an eye on the most common problem areas, including your server, patch management and backup to make sure everything is working properly. Additionally, we monitor for viruses, spyware, and other security threats. Hackers prefer to do their work where no one is watching. Choosing Pro-Covered Priority One support means you can enjoy greater peace of mind. Not only will your network have fewer performance issues, but when issues do arise, they are addressed promptly and professionally.  This makes life better for your team, your customers, and your business!