Streamline Your Smart Home Technology Setup

Fifteen years ago smart technology in our homes meant we had a computer and maybe a smartphone. Now, we have speakers that talk to us, lights that anticipate our arrival, and doorbells that display video of our visitors, as well as the computers, tablets, phones, earphones, video game consoles, and more. It’s all cool, but it’s also complicated.

In 2020 many of us have even added more technology at home. Whole home office setups with wireless routers and connected printers, and projector systems for home movie nights, as we can’t go to theaters. This simply means there are more users trying to get online at once.

Plus, every room in the house has now gone digital. Lights connect to phones, waterproof Bluetooth speakers give you something to sing about in the shower, refrigerators track what should be on your shopping list with barcode scanning.

But smart technology does not come cheap. When investing in a smart home, make sure you set it up correctly. When new devices aren’t connected, you miss opportunities to add convenience at home.

Setting Up Your Smart Home

Accumulating digital technology for the home is one thing, but using it effectively is another. First, you need to be sure you are connecting your new tech correctly. Home automation is more difficult than the marketers would have you to believe.

In one study of the Internet of Things and its reach, only 43% of owners used their smart devices daily. So, people were paying the premium for a smart thermostat or IoT door lock but were not relying on that product, often because they didn’t know how to leverage its full capabilities.

Yes, you can often set up a single device with a push of a button, connecting it to your home network, but connecting your devices harmoniously requires more work.

Many smart home devices rely on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology to connect. You’ll have access to an app that you can install on your smart phone or laptop computer. The device will need a power source and to be within range of the internet router.

Connecting to the internet can be a first stumbling block. A device may be out of range of a router, for instance, and thick walls or competing signals can challenge device connectivity. This makes physical placement of the device and the router important considerations.

You also have to set up the software. Each device has settings to maximize that speaker, smart TV, or thermostat for your home needs. It’s a traditional headache!

Plus, every device added could degrade connection quality or speed for the others. It gets a little like playing Jenga, although in this case it’s adding that next piece that could cause the home network to fall down.

Help with Your Smart Home Setup

You may know that computer businesses help with computer technology, but did you know we can also help you configure a smart home? We know how to install the software and integrate devices to get the best out of your technology. We can configure your router to prioritize certain devices, or we can set up parental controls where needed, plus, we’ll make sure that all devices are secure.

Lights and locks, doorbells and cameras, speakers and sprinkler systems: at this point you can find pretty much anything for the home sold as a smart device. You don’t need to be a genius to get them set up at home. Simply call our IT experts at 508-617-1310 for help or any questions or concerns you may have.

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