“So I turned on my laptop and got nothing. I mean, absolutely nothing. It wouldn’t turn on at all. The screen stayed black. I could hear the fans whirring and things clicking around inside, but that was it,” Daniel said. “So I decided to take it to a computer repair shop in Boston.

Daniel’s first instinct was to go to the big box store where he’d purchased the computer. “That was a mistake,” he said. “It took forever even to find someone who worked in the electronics department, and when I finally found someone, they didn’t have the first clue about how to help me. They asked, “Did you try calling the customer service number on the box?” Daniel shook his head. “Really? That’s the help I can get from you?”

If a computer repair shop isn’t a computer repair shop at all, but is instead the customer service of a big box store, run, do not walk, away! You’ve paid good money for your computer, and need it to perform reliably. Big box stores may be willing to ship your computer off for repairs for you, but they don’t do the work themselves, and there’s no accountability: more than one customer has had their computer come up missing after trusting a big box retailer to repair it.

“The second place I went to looked like it just opened up,” Daniel said. “But I figured I might as well give it a shot. I went in and asked the guy if they work on Macs, and he answered, “It depends. What do you got?” Daniel laughed. “That didn’t inspire too much confidence in me. And when I looked around the shop, things just seemed sketchy. I didn’t feel safe leaving my computer there. I told him never mind and moved on.”

Three signs that you’re in the wrong Boston computer shop include a lack of professionalism, the inability to work on all types of Windows and Mac computers, and inexperience. All of these should be dealbreakers – and the fact that the business hasn’t appeared to be around for long and appears to be on the shady side are also good reasons to exercise extreme caution.

You deserve a Boston computer repair shop that’s skilled, experienced, professional and trustworthy. That’s what you’ll find when you choose Power Up Boston. We’ve been providing top-notch computer repair services for seven years, and work on Mac and Window computers.