Need Home IT Help? Try Residential Managed Services

Maybe you used to be able to troubleshoot your own technology, or had a tech-savvy family member or friend who could help out in a pinch. But now that home computing has become more essential, you may be feeling overwhelmed.

If you’re working from home, and others are doing virtual learning too, you can’t wait for your IT geek buddy to visit. You need your desktop to do your job, and you can’t risk missing a deadline or losing hours of work. Your kids might welcome the excuse to miss a few assignments, but you don’t want them falling behind at school.

With all the technology you’re using today in a regular basis, your home is basically a small business. You want to be able to access the internet from any room and print from anywhere in the house, or to have a cloud backup of all your photos and videos.

So, partner with a managed service provider (MSP) for your residential computers. Many businesses use MSPs for IT help, 24/7 monitoring, improved security, and reporting. Home users can benefit, too.

Advantages of Residential Managed Services

A managed service provider helps organize and protect your technology. These IT experts can:

  • network all your devices (printers, routers, laptops, desktops, and more);
  • set up the best internet connectivity option for your home;
  • recommend the best software and hardware to meet your individual needs;
  • put virus protection in place on your devices;
  • monitor your hardware for impending failure;
  • scan your computers for malware and other threats;
  • establish system and storage backups so you have a Plan B;
  • improve your productivity with more efficient solutions and expert advice;
  • keep your systems up to date by handling patches and upgrades;
  • move your computing to the cloud for greater mobility and cost savings;
  • educate you and your family on internet safety and best practices.

Valuing Your Time in Favor of MSPs

The idea of paying for IT assistance can put off home computer users. Before deciding an MSP isn’t for you, consider the value of your time. How many hours do you waste trying to figure out your tech solutions, or searching the Web for the answer to your problem?

With an MSP, if something does go wrong, you have to make only one call to get help. Don’t waste time on hold with your internet service provider only to find its a laptop problem, which means another helpline. An MSP is your one go-to for all your IT needs.

Also consider the value of your personal files, photos, and videos, and the importance of protecting and always being able to access any work you’re doing remotely.

For a small, set monthly fee, you add a human IT expert focused on your needs to your team. You have a lot to think about already. Take technology concerns off your “to do” list by partnering with a local MSP today.

We’ll simplify technology for you, offering a budget-friendly, customized managed services plan. Contact us today at 508-617-1310!

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