A Custom-Built Computer Can Be a Good Deal

Big-box stores have big names and aisles of computers on offer. They post tempting deals on pre-built computers. But how does buying one of those computers compare to purchasing a custom-built one?

When you shop in a big-box store, you are one of the many people those salespeople are going to work with in a day. If you’re lucky, you may get to speak with someone actually assigned to the computer area on a regular basis.

Working with us to customize a computer, you get individualized expert service. Our specialists know computer users have different needs. You deserve a computer that matches what you’re trying to do. You might want to run the latest-and-greatest games at full graphic quality. Someone else wants something basic to support only email and Web surfing. Or how about a stock day trader who doesn’t need a fast computer but wants to run six screens at once?

It may be easier to walk into a big-box store and walk out with a desktop computer, but the big-box computer aims to appeal to everyone; it isn’t customized to each of these different aims.

Problems with Pre-Built Computers

The computers sold for less in big-box stores have cut corners to bring down costs. They can use lower-quality parts. There’s also limit to upgradability of the parts. Prebuilt brand-name systems often use proprietary parts unique to that manufacturer. This makes it difficult and expensive to replace a part.

You could end up saving money by paying for a system that has only 4 GB of RAM. Sure, the sticker price was lower, but your computer won’t run as well. Today, you need a computer with at least 8 GB of RAM. Depending on how you plan to use the computer, we might even suggest 16 GB.

The big-box stores sell computers from brand-name manufacturers pre-loaded with bloatware. The manufacturer keeps prices down by installing unwanted software in return for kickbacks. So, you paid less, but your computer runs slower from day one because it’s brimming with software you didn’t want. A customized computer comes only with what you need.

Our specialists can explain the benefits of the processing, power supply, and other parts. Picking every part of your computer, you can also count on high-quality parts that are easy to upgrade.

A Personal, Expert Relationship

Another selling point for big-box stores is the warranty. This is one more way they’re making money off the sale of your computer. But keep in mind that most of these stores aren’t going to fix your computer on-site. You explain your problem to a retail employee – again, maybe someone knowledgeable about computers (fingers crossed). Then you wait as the computer gets sent into a central repair base, where someone you haven’t spoken with is working on your computer. Then you wait for the computer to come back, hopefully fixed. Something that would take our experts 30 minutes to fix has you waiting a week. That’s a big deal if you depend on that computer on a daily basis.

When you buy from computer specialists, you’re working with a qualified computer technician. You’re building a relationship with someone who knows you and your computer, and you’ll always know where your computer is during the repair process. Additionally, since all parts are hand-picked, you might enjoy individual part warranties.

Building your own computer in the past was expensive, but today there are many more high-quality parts available. Your computer customizer can offer you affordable, reliable cases, RAM, hard drives, fans, GPUs, CPUs, and cooling, and they can help you weigh the benefits of each.

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level or high-end gaming machine, we can customize the best computer for you.

Why settle for a standard, pre-built option made to appeal to the largest number of people? Contact our experts today to start putting together your purpose-built, personalized computer. Call 508-617-1310.

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