Hardware as a Service: What Is It, and Why Use It?

When IT infrastructure is out of date, you face performance and compatibility issues. Your business spends time troubleshooting faulty computer hardware, and productivity is lost. Yet your business can’t afford to update to more advanced technology. The solution? Hardware as a Service.

Hardware as a Service allows small or mid-sized businesses to lease needed computing power. The business gets access to new equipment they might not otherwise be able to afford. Plus, you save on operational expenses powering, cooling, and maintaining the tech.

IT infrastructure evolves so quickly, but Hardware as a Service helps you avoid becoming outdated. You no longer have to find the budget to purchase brand-new technology every few years. You simply lease the tech assets from a service provider.

How Hardware as a Service works

There are different Hardware as a Service model. You might:

  • sign a contract for a provider to administer and maintain the computer hardware it installs in your offices;
  • use Internet Protocol (IP) connections to cloud computing environments and let off-site hardware do the work. This option saves on hardware costs and related OPEX, but also avoids heavy expenditure on IP bandwidth.

How does this solution differ from leasing computers? This is a managed services agreement, and you gain installation, maintenance, and support services, too.

More advantages of Hardware as a Service

We’ve already mentioned cost-effectiveness and currency, but those aren’t the only benefits of using a HaaS solution.


Your business will pay a consistent monthly or yearly subscription fee for your HaaS. In return, you get systems that are automatically updated. The tech will be compatible with the latest software deployed. You don’t have to do the legwork to buy any hardware, and you avoid having to maintain the technology.

Proactive service

With HaaS, you don’t need an IT team in-house to manage and maintain the equipment. Additionally, the service provider offers value via effective customer service. You can expect the provider to be doing everything it can to ensure a robust hardware service so you enjoy the reliable infrastructure and round-the-clock IT infrastructure support.

Security gains

The IT ecosystem is always changing, and so, too, are the threats to cybersecurity. Your business would be more vulnerable to attack with legacy hardware. Using HaaS, you are working with more secure, up-to-date technology. This can cut the risk of downtime and service disruptions.


If your business grows, you need your systems to grow with you. With HaaS, it’s easy to expand or upgrade infrastructure. You don’t have to worry about the huge capital expenditure for new tech; you’ll simply pay more to upgrade your HaaS solution.

With Hardware as a Service, you can affordably replace your technology before it becomes obsolete. Cut costs, and improve scalability and security, all while gaining an expert IT partner. Get in touch with us today at 508-617-1310.

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