6 Fresh Ways to Mark National Computer Security Day

Not worrying about bad actors infiltrating business technology would be a cause to celebrate, but that’s not a reality. So, instead, National Computer Security Day reminds us to promote computer security.

As technology advances, securing electronic devices and online systems grows more complicated. We now have October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month to encourage education and motivation. Also, since 1988, November 30 has been devoted to keeping online data safe and secure.

National Computer Security Day can remind staff about digital threats and best practices. For example, every business employee should:

  • use strong passwords;
  • protect their devices;
  • install updates and patches to secure against vulnerabilities.

Still, staff may not welcome more training on security procedures and protections. Counter their cybersecurity fatigue with these fresh ways to keep security awareness top of mind.

#1 Try trivia

Cybersecurity is not trivial, yet you can organize a cybersecurity-themed trivia quiz to gamify your information sharing. You might ask questions about online safety, best practices, or recent breaches, and offer prizes to the winning team.

Questions might include:

  • What’s a common two-factor authentication (2FA) method aside from SMS codes?
  • What type of malware encrypts your files and demands a ransom for their release?
  • What term describes the manipulation of individuals into revealing personal or confidential information?
  • What is the purpose of a virtual private network (VPN)?
  • Name one popular piece of antivirus software.
  • Name a recent high-profile data breach or cyberattack on a well-known company.

#2 Offer free lunch

Promote participation in cybersecurity by inviting employees to attend a lunch ‘n’ learn. Plan an interactive workshop and woo them with free food. Have hands-on activities addressing passwords and authentication, malware and viruses, or incident response.

#3 Set up a scavenger hunt

You might do this around your office or set one up online. Set up prompts to identify security threats, recognize phishing, or locate cybersecurity resources. Before awarding prizes, discuss correct answers to challenges and provide insights on cybersecurity.

#4 Put together an escape room

Like the scavenger hunt, you could set up an escape-room challenge. Have teams solve cybersecurity puzzles and complete tasks to protect their digital identity. Time the different teams and award prizes to the fastest escapees.

#5 Host a movie night

Show a cybersecurity-related movie or documentary after hours in the office. Provide popcorn while you show The Social Dilemma (2020), Cyber Crime (2019), or WarGames (1983), then have a brief discussion of the film afterward.

#6 Send out cybersecurity quizzes

Throughout the day, send out fun, informative quizzes. Every quiz completion can count as an entry in a raffle towards top prizes. Tailor your short, multiple-choice quizzes to your employees and industry.

Prioritize Ongoing Cybersecurity

Marking National Computer Security Day in one or more of these ways is great, but you should continue the cybersecurity conversation all year round. A managed services provider can help you stay ahead of cyber threats. We’ll review your cybersecurity posture regularly. Contact us today at 508-617-1310.