Antivirus Support

You can never let your guard down. The moment you compromise the level of security in your systems, you are making your devices vulnerable to all kinds of threats; viruses being the most common of all. You need impeccable antivirus support to ensure that your systems don’t get infected. There are numerous ways your system can get infected by a virus. The internet is the obvious source. Portable storage media such as external hard drives, memory cards, USB drives and even DVDs, connecting to other devices through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and even tethering can be the medium for virus transmission. You cannot stay isolated from the whole wide world just to avoid getting your devices infected. What you need is immaculate antivirus support.

Tampa Empire specializes in antivirus support. You could call us if you think your system has a virus. You could also have an annual contract with us, which will enable us to consistently check your systems for viruses and take timely precautions, actions and reactions so your systems don’t get compromised. Our antivirus support is one of the most holistic in the whole world.

Our antivirus support begins with the simplest of all steps, installing an antivirus solution. We recommend using the best software available and we also advise our clients to opt for more protection than just against viruses. There’s spyware, malware and adware as well. The more holistic a protection you have, the better your security shall be.

In addition to the antivirus software, we conduct checks to look for every specific virus that is known and identified. Our virus database is updated in real time and it is thus always the latest one that can be used for cross reference. Knowing every virus is the first step to getting rid of it. Unless you know what virus has infected your system, you cannot look for it and thus you cannot get rid of it. The virus infected file may look like just another file.