Commercial AV Solutions

Power Up Boston Now offers commercial AV solutions

Power Up Boston now offers top-tier commercial audio-video solutions, complementing our comprehensive range of commercial security and IT services. Whether you have a modest task or a substantial building project, our team is ready to respond to your needs. As one of the few AV companies in the region that offers IT, point of sale and security camera systems we

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Crafted with our clients in focus, our audio-video systems embody a consultative approach. We guide you through understanding the array of available products, their capabilities, and benefits, illustrating how they seamlessly integrate to assist you in achieving your company’s goals. Which AV solution will elevate your business’s efficiency and productivity?

  • Distributed Audio – Dining establishments, lodging facilities, and various other hospitality enterprises employ distributed audio systems to transmit music and other auditory content to multiple speakers across their premises. This allows for individual volume control and convenient audio adjustments, all managed from a centralized location.
  • Video Distribution – Much like distributed audio, commercial settings equipped with multiple screens or monitors can showcase identical images or videos seamlessly using a centralized video system, ensuring unparalleled convenience and control.
  • Conference Rooms – Elevate the effectiveness and engagement of presentations, meetings, and training sessions with our cutting-edge business audio-video solutions. The professionalism embedded in these systems will leave a lasting impression on employees, clients, and guests, showcasing a commitment to excellence and innovation.
  • Commercial Automation – Smart home technology transcends residential spaces. We provide a comprehensive range of commercial automation solutions designed to enhance your company’s efficiency while optimizing energy consumption and resource usage, leading to cost savings. Whether it’s managing lights, sound, or various other appliances and electronic functions, you can effortlessly control and streamline operations for increased productivity.
  • Video Conferencing – In the contemporary professional landscape characterized by remote employees and home offices, possessing a dependable and crystal-clear video conferencing system is indispensable. Whether facilitating one-on-one meetings or orchestrating group presentations with seamless screen-sharing options, we can furnish your company with the comprehensive tools necessary for achieving success.
  • Wireless Presentation SystemsEnhance productivity and foster collaboration by integrating an advanced wireless presentation system into your business operations. These innovative products provide unparalleled mobility, empowering employees to deliver presentations effortlessly anywhere, eliminating the need to wait for a dedicated conference room.
  • Intercom and Paging – For businesses with constantly mobile employees or expansive premises to navigate, intercom and paging systems prove invaluable in locating key individuals during crucial moments.
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Solutions for every industry

Dedicated to empowering business owners with the essential tools for safety and productivity, our passionate team showcases some of our work here. Regardless of your industry, we specialize in crafting customized systems tailored to meet your specific needs. Our expertise extends to collaborating with:

– Hospitality: Restaurant, Cafe, Bars, Hotels

– Retail: Stores, Malls, Shopping Centers

– Educational: School, Colleges, Libraries

– Health Club/Gyms/Fitness Clubs

Benefits of Professional AV Installation

Unlock the full potential of your workspace with our expansive array of options. Our team specializes in equipping various settings such as conference rooms, huddle spaces, bars, and restaurants with seamlessly integrated systems. These encompass background music, video displays, video conferencing, and paging systems. By embracing our solutions, your business is poised to thrive, operate with heightened efficiency, engage employees effectively, and deliver a more streamlined client experience.

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