Microsoft Support

Any problem can be looked at in two ways. One approach would be absolutely generic. This stems from what we know, what is presumed and what is prima-facie assessed by studying the problem. This generic approach leads to a generic or widely used troubleshooting mechanism. The other approach is to be completely specific to the nature of the problem, considering the unique history of the system and then taking an absolutely personalized way to resolve the issue. The reason why there are so many problems despite the obvious solutions available to us today is the lack of specific attention and more of generalization.

The kind of troubleshooting techniques and the resolutions you would get for problems in your Microsoft powered computers, laptops, tablets and smart-phones, do not factor in the exact cause of the problem you are experiencing. Had that been the case, then the standard solutions or recommended troubleshooting procedures would have always resolved the issues for any and sundry. It is the need for personalization that makes our Microsoft Support relevant.

We at Tampa Empire do not approach any problem from the perspective of what it is but how it came to be. When we take a backward approach of trying to redo or rectify what we think has gone wrong, we would only end up with the problem and the approach may not fix the problem entirely. Instead, what we at Tampa Empire do is try to figure out the problem and then we address that. Many issues in Microsoft products are merely symptomatic of another root cause. Attending to the symptoms will only make cosmetic differences. That is not and should not be the purpose of any Microsoft Support team. We strive to solve the issue at the core and that naturally takes care of the various symptoms which have been the first signs anyway.