Printer Support

In computing, a printer is a peripheral which produces a text and/or graphics of documents stored in electronic form, usually on physical print media such as paper or transparencies. Now a days a printer is an indispensible accessory of your computer. From offices to homes, printers have become more a necessity than fashion. Technology advanced printers are capable to perform multifunction as now you can fax, scan, or photo copy all your documents at one single go.

Brands like Canon, Dell, Brother, Compaq, HP and Lexmark are known for their excellent printer products. These are well known brands providing technological sound printers. But, however smart technology may get, the attack of technical snags.

While you are using printing device you might face a lot of problems.

• Printer stopped working
• Printing device or scanner stopped working
• it might give you some errors while you try to print
• it does not print anything at all
• it gives you an error that the printer services cannot initiated or not installed
• You do not find your printing device in the list.
• You cannot print a particular file or kind of file.
• Cannot print from your browser
• You cannot configure the wireless printer
• You cannot configure a network printer
• You cannot share your printing device
• Printing size are not adjusted

We provide support for printers in following ways:
• Installation of Printer Drivers/Toner Cartridge
• Setup/Installation of your Printer
• We offer you the Latest Drivers Update
• Network Printer Connection to Windows OS
• Printer Software Optimization for improved performance
• General Printer Troubleshooting
• Fixing Printer Carriage Jams
• Troubleshooting Spooler Problems and other Error Messages
• Correcting Plug and Play Errors
• Test Print Confirmation