Managed Monthly IT Support and Maintenance

We encourage our customers to become proactive with their computer systems and subscribe to our Pro-Covered Priority One annual support plan. This plan covers the costs to maintain and troubleshoot all your system issues along with the project management expertise to guide your future goals. Computer services will be provided on-site or remotely over the Internet depending upon the service requirements. The goal is to manage your systems as well as if you had your own IT department at a fraction of the cost. On an annual basis, you will find this approach costing your company less money by providing less down time and preventing minor glitches from becoming major business interruptions.

Our Pro-Covered Priority One Monthly Support Plan Includes:

  • On-site or Remote Service
  • Help Desk
  • Office 365 Exchange Online E-mail
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Remote Monitoring of Server Systems
  • Operating System Patch Management
  • Virus & Spyware Management
  • Trouble Ticket Management & Reporting
  • Security & Intrusion Monitoring
  • Backup Management

How to get started on a maintenance plan:

To start a new support plan, a certified Pro will make a scheduled visit to your office to complete the following:

  • A site map will be created documenting all server, workstations, network printers and other networked equipment.
  • Your systems will be cataloged and reviewed for meeting future requirements and compatibility.
  • A network scan will be conducted to reveal any security problems or unusual activity.
  • Backup systems and procedures will be reviewed and tested.
  • A comprehensive report will be provided along with a project plan.

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