Virtualization Solutions - Reduce Server Costs & Centralize Workstations

Server Virtualization -

  • Reduced costs for server hardware
  • Reduced electricity consumption from hardware and cooling requirements
  • Organized computer room and less space needed for your systems

Server hardware is increasing becoming more powerful, and the amount of idle server resources are increasing over time. A typical server is capable of running several virtual servers and there is no longer the need to have each networked application running on a separate server. Virtualization keeps a separate operating system environment for each server system without having to provide separate hardware. There will be a significant costs savings recognized from consolidating your server environment down to fewer systems.

Hub Tech Pros are your Virtualization Pros and will provide the required expertise to evaluate your actual hardware requirements and provide the implementation expertise so the system conversion is smooth and seamless.

Workstation Virtualization -

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Easier to support multiple locations
  • Any application available anywhere on any device

Applications no longer need to be installed on every computer workstation for every employee in the company. We can configure your office applications such as Microsoft Office to run at the server level. In this environment any device including a PC, Mac, iPad or another mobile device could be used to access the application. The ongoing maintenance becomes quick and easy since only the server needs to be patched or upgraded instead of having to complete this on all the workstations.

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