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Frequently asked questions

More in depth information regarding our computer repair services and frequently asked questions.

Computer Acting Up?
So there’s something wrong with your laptop or desktop, whether it’s the screen is black or not displaying at all, or it’s not powering on there’s an issue you can’t fix.

Software or Hardware Issues?
If you can determine that you have a software issue and you just need remote support (we can perform some repair services remotely by connecting to your computer) you can setup a request for a session with one of our technicians.

I know what’s wrong! (maybe?)
So your tech savvy and you know exactly what’s wrong with your computer and the part that needs to be replaced. If your 100% sure go ahead and submit this form, or your almost 100% sure give us a call at shop 508-617-1310 to confirm with one of our technicians.

Drop Off
The best way to get any repair started is by coming by our shop and letting us take a look at your computer desktop/laptop. If it’s a laptop be sure to bring the AC charging cable/charing block with you, there’s always a chance it could be a pripiority charger we may not have at the shop.

Where? When? How?
We are located at 24 Samoset St in downtown Plymouth, we are inside the Beantown Vapor Shop. Our IT shop is open Monday-Friday from 9:30am to 5:30pm, Saturday & Sunday the IT shop is closed. Saturday & Sundays drop offs & pick ups can be arranged.

How long does repair takes? Leave my device?
No you don’t have to leave your device with us, if it still functions you can take it with, all we need is information to order the part. The length of the repair time is mostly just waiting for the part to arrive, MOST parts on average take 3-5 days.

Our Location

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We are located at 24 Samoset St, the same building as the Beantown Vapor Store. Plenty of parking, come inside the shop and we’re located in the back of the shop.

 hardware repair Services

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Laptop Computer

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Desktop PC

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Water Damaged PC

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Data (HD) Recovery

Software/OS Remote support

your computer acting up, not functioning like it should? bizarre behavior?

Have you noticed that there’s just something not right about your computer? Whether it’s a program/software that you use all the time or just navigating through your Windows or Mac OS environment? With any software or operating system related issues we can connect to your computer/desktop remotely without requiring you to bring the hardware into our shop. Please fill out the form below to get the process started, we will call you back to set an appointment. REMINDER for MOST remote sessions with us you actually don’t have to be there physically for this to take place. As long as you have stable internet connection and electricity, and you have already downloaded & installed the remote software we can take it from there.

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Remote Support Request
Operating System
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